29 06 2022

60% CO² emission reduction using multimodal transport

By transporting containers from the port of Rotterdam by inland waterway vessel or train in stead of trucks, no less than 60% CO² emission is saved (Source: MCA Brabant, Netherlands)

Warehouses in logistics center Tilburg (Netherlands)

Close to the multimodal barges for rail and inland shipping, MOL Logistics’ warehouses in the Netherlands offer customers the opportunity to use environmentally friendly transport from the port. MOL Logistics transports an average of 80% per year in this way. We work closely with BTT Multimodal Solutions. They operate the barges for both rail and inland shipping in Tilburg.

The supply to these barges is daily and avoids congestion from the seaport as is often the case when loading onto trucks. It is also more cost-effective compared to road transport.

Rail transport

Rail transport is an excellent alternative to ocean freight in terms of both costs and speed. Due to an intensive and regular timetable, rail transport offers the opportunity to have more control over transport within Europe, but also to and from China. The average transit time to Europe is only 18 to 20 days. Contact your local office for more information about the possibilities.

Sustainability agenda MOL GROUP

MOL Logistics is an independent part of MITSUI O.S.K. Lines, a listed company with a strong policy focused on sustainability, safety and social responsibility. Their contribution was also shared at the recently held conference of the “World economic forum”.

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