15 03 2022 - Ukraine update

Air freight update


Closing the mutual airspaces causes delays, capacity reductions and increases in tariffs. MOL is keeping close contact with all airlines. Please contact your local MOL office for your specific question


Flights from and towards Japan are re-routed. This causes delays an reduced capacity. Japan airlines have informed they will minimze bookings due to these capacity issues. A sharp rise on air freight – IATA tariff will be implemented. New bookings have been accepted as of March 10.

Latest news.

Update Air freight

Russian sanctions As just announced from the Russian aviation authority ( Rosawiazija ) the Russian Air space is now closed for 36 states and their carriers. Obviously, this causes changes ...

Update Ocean Freight

ONE Shipping line ONE: Due to the recent developments in Ukraine and Russia we regret to inform that our operations in the area are disrupted and our ability to complete the carriage of ...

Update Rail Freight

In general Since situation is unclear, both about infrastructure and our suppliers, MOL Logistics has decided to postpone offering RAIL transports until further notice. The current rail ...