Logistics for fashion and footwear

For your industry we can organize and arrange flexible and fast deliveries, working closely with traders, importers, exporters, fabric and material suppliers. Qualified in-house customs specialists will ensure import and export by taking care of custom clearance. Within the supply chain MOL Logistics can also play an important role in transparent stock management and value added services such as labeling or (re)packaging.

Distribution for fashion

Always a challenge: replenishing your customers’ shops on time with the latest fashion items. With our finely meshed distribution network we can pick and deliver throughout Europe. Your really urgent deliveries can be arranged secure and cost efficient via our express transport network.

  • Transparent stock management
  • Value added services
  • Extensive transport network
  • Quality controls

What can MOL Logistics EMEA do for you?

“A well-known shoe brand has seen the demand for their fashion products increase significantly in recent years. In order to cope with this demand, to keep the production of shoes at full strength and to be able to supply their customers properly, they asked us to coordinate their transport. How could we best approach their Portuguese suppliers and transport the high-quality materials safely and quickly to the Netherlands? Based on mutual trust and a good, high-quality network, we devised a consolidation solution with fixed pick-up times at the suppliers. This allows them to continue to grow in the shoe business and set the trends!”

Import for fashion

For import of materials, fashion or shoes from workshops in Asia we can arrange consolidated transport. This will save costs considerably. We can assist you with the contact of your local suppliers, finetune the delivery of products and take care of shipping your product in containers to their final destination. This can be your of our warehouse, or directly to your client.

Stock management

With our stock management system you are able to meet all your customers demands. We can arrange to to pick, sort, repack and label clothes and process the administration as well so you will always know how many items of a certain size or colour you still have in stock. Through up-to-date insights in stock you know exactly when the stock needs to be replenished. Hence,you can respond to unexpected market developments in a timely manner and set the trends in the fashion industry!

Value added services

At MOL Logistics we go the extra mile and will offer transparent stock management to meet your individual needs. We also can assist you with additional services such as quality control, labeling or (re)packaging as well as provide support in making shipments so the delivery can take place on time and in perfect condition.

MOL Logistics