High tech and electronics

Dynamic high-tech companies require high-tech logistic solutions. Your company has to deal with shorter life cycles, lower product rates and intensive globalization. MOL Logistics is experienced with all the complicated formalities concerning import, export and transit of your high-tech goods and the application of necessary permits to be able to ship or receive certain electronics. We can even act as your fiscal representative for imports. In that case we take care of clearing the goods, payment of VAT and the administration involved.

Flexibility and safety

For high-tech electronic producers we can provide cost effective, flexible and safe supply chain solutions to be able to fulfil the demands of your customers like fast delivery times, safe intermodal transport and engineered inventory control. With a network of over 350 delivery vans and dozens of trucks we are able for careful shipping of your high-tech products all over Europe.

  • Proven transport and/or warehouse solutions
  • Support in performing quality checks
  • Value added services e.g. (re-)packaging and labelling.
  • Emergency transport for spare parts

What can MOL Logistics EMEA do for you?

“Some time ago we received a request from an electronics importer to think along how to serve the European market. They offer a wide range of products to their clients, such as vacuum cleaners and televisions. Due to lack of capacity in their warehouse, they could not meet the demand of their clients. By moving a large part of their stock to our warehouse, arranging the paperwork accurately and timely supplying their customers throughout Europe, they could focus on selling their electronics again. Furthermore we took a look at the import of the articles from Asia. By consolidating shipments of several suppliers cost saving was possible. We also successfully assisted in contacting these suppliers”

Quality control

To meet your high demands, we offer a wide range of value added technical services for electronic products. Not just when rolling out products you need certainty and quality, also further in the life cycle of your products this can be an issue. Think of performing quality checks in case of recalls, carrying out product modifications or delivering (modified) products.

Stock management

With our stock management system you are able to meet all your customers demands. We can arrange to to pick, sort, repack and label and process the administration. Through up-to-date insights in stock you know exactly when the stock needs to be replenished. Hence,you can respond to unexpected market developments in a timely manner.

Value added services

We offer a wide range of value added technical services for electronic products. Safety in our warehouse is guaranteed by camera security, sprinkler installations and access control. Furthermore, for our ISO certification we work according procedures which guarantee a set of service levels.

MOL Logistics