Solar and semi-conductor industry

Solar energy more and more becomes standard in energy saving projects and new constructions. This technology is developing continuously. To stay ahead, we can advise and arrange the best logistic solutions available, whether it concerns (thin) film, flexible or conventional systems and parts. We also offer transport, warehousing or value added services for the semi-conductor industry.

Flexible warehousing and thorough quality checks.

Technological developments are fast-pacing each other. Using our logistic solutions you can maximize efficiency on transport and prevent obsolete stock and financial issues. Contact our local MOL logistic office for flexible storage, quality checks and deliveries to projects and distributors within EMEA.


  • Logistics solutions for solar and semiconductor industry
  • Support in composing kits for distributors
  • Conducting quality inspections
  • Competitive rates for express delivery of spare parts

What can MOL Logistics EMEA do for you?

“Because of the fast development of technology, one of our customers had several transport issues. Their suppliers delivered at different times which increased the transport costs. Besides that, their own storage space was too small for the increasing products and spare parts. They decided to look for a partner who could help them not only with transport, but also with the efficient imports and storage of the panels, the paper work and arranging the distribution within Europe. They came to MOL Logistics and we started assisting them with stock management. By monitoring the deliveries of suppliers, we realised several savings which could be used for further development of the technology!”

Logistic solutions and regulations

By using smart stock control and flexible storage possibilities our customers can sell the current line of panels timely before technology catches up. Using our logistic solutions we maximize efficiency on transport and prevent obsolete stock and financial issues. We also secure the complicated rules and regulations. MOL logistics can assist you with all necessary transport and documents.

Road transport

Solar panels require careful and safe transport, without unnecessary loading and unloading from truck to container and vice versa. Solid packaging will contribute preventing the panels to arrive damaged at your customer or distributor, which obviously has a very negative influence on margins as well as reputation. Using our extensive network of own offices and secure agents MOL Logisitcs can uphold quality and safe delivery of the panels and parts.


In case you have several suppliers who deliver items at different times, we can play a coordinating role in managing your suppliers by consolidation. This solution can decrease transportation cost and contribute to efficiency within your value chain.


MOL Logistics