31 03 2022

Mol logistics supports transmission of renewable energies

Project + Break Bulk Team

The Project + Break Bulk Team of MOL Logistics in Europe has been entrusted to arrange the port handling, customs clearance as well as on-carriage of several oversized Drums with High Voltage Cables from one of their Japanese customers

Ro/Ro vessels

The Drums with Diameters up to 420 cms and single weights close to 40 tons have arrived by Break Bulk as well as Ro/Ro vessels in Vlissingen, Netherlands and Bremerhaven, Germany.

MOL Logistics took care of the safe handling ex ship onto special low bed as well as girder bridge trailers, the import customs formalities and the delivery to warehouse facilities in Rostock, Germany.

Full service handling

Operations are still undergoing with further imports of accessories and materials in Containers as well as one final drum which will arrive as

Break Bulk on Container vessel in the Port of Hamburg.


The HC cables are used to transfer renewable energy from the excisting powerline ex Denmark into the german power grid.  

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