22 08 2022

New Managing Director MOL Logistics in Germany

MOL Logistics, Germany

MOL Logistics in Germany has offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. The MOL Logistics global network in total includes 137 companies and 188 agents in 51 countries. Customers benefit from the service of small-scale organizations with the advantages of a worldwide network. MOL Germany’s activities include air, sea and road forwarding. The warehouse capacity includes more than 3000 m² in Weiterstadt, near Frankfurt Airport and 2000 m² in Düsseldorf. They also provide a specialized team for Breakbulk and Project Cargo.

Mirco Schellenberg, Managing Director

Mirco has been a successful General Manager Sales for the past 3,5 years and was recently promoted to Managing Director for MOL Logistics in Germany.

Mirco Schellenberg

We asked him about his experience and intentions:

Japanese culture

“In total of my 8 years now working for Japanese companies, I have to say that both cultures have a lot in common. We consider values as “the highest quality”, “being on time”, “trust” and others as very important. While the decision-making progress is completely different, a healthy mix of both is the key to success.”


Now to combine our Japanese heritage and the local, modern approach in Management, will be one of my main topics to move forward. We will focus heavily on our Japanese VIP customers and business, but we will expand our network and continue to become a more international player.


Although the labor market has been tight and difficult in recent years, HR related topics will remain a challenge, therefore staff development and retention will be another important theme for us. COVID, political crises and other unexpected events have led to massive disruption of supply chains in recent years. A redesign of production and local inventory management is the logical consequence.

Growth ambitions

MOL Logistics already supplies the highest quality in contract logistics and warehouse management. However, our presence in the German market is still too small to be recognized. The first steps of expansion have been taken this year and more will follow. This can be done by growing organically with our customer, but mergers and acquisitions can also be a significant solutions. Whatever it is, I welcome the challenge and look forward to following the new direction MOL Logistics and its affiliated group companies will take in the future.”

MOL Group

MOL Logistics Germany are part of the listed MOL Group, headquartered in Tokyo. MOL, an abbreviation of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, is a shipping company with around 700 ships. The MOL Group has a very extensive sustainability agenda.

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