MOL COILPORTER®: Transport of Steel Coils Made Simple

Transport of steel coils requires optimal packaging, stowage, and lashing operations. They are massive, and because they are round, the contact area is much smaller than square cargo of the same weight.

What is the MOL COILPORTER®?

This new cradle, used to lash steel coils, provides stress-free containerized transport of steel coils.
The MOL COILPORTER® allows anyone to quickly prepare a kit for transport of coils, which until now had to be lashed with timbers for containerized transport. It meets or exceeds conventional lashing in terms of transport safety and can be put together easily and safely. It was jointly developed by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) and MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (MOL Tech).

The MOL COILPORTER® in practice


The MOL COILPORTER® is easy for anyone to assemble safely, easily, and quickly, and can be pushed in and out of the container. It improves convenience in on-site response with standard specifications that apply to a wide range of coil diameters and body widths.


This takes about 3 minutes per cradle even with inexperienced workers. The maximum weight of each component in the assembly kit is about 3kg/part. The cargo can be pushed into the container for loading without special equipment is required.


The coilporter is easy to dismantle thanks to assembly kit. The cargo can be pulled out for unloading, without special equipment is required.


It reduces damage resulting from contact between the dunnage and the coil with a high-resiliency material that combines firmness and flexibility, achieving significantly lighter weight.

Environmental impact

Reusable and recyclable, ensuring more effective use of resources.

The “MOL COILPORTER®” trademark

The “MOL COILPORTER®” trademark has been registered in major countries. It is already patented in Japan (No. 6650255), with other patents pending.

Hiroki Sakaya

Managing Director MOL Logistics Holding