Warehousing and storage

With strategically located warehouses throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world we can take care of your storage, order picking, inventory management and dispatching of your goods. We keep track on the orders of your customer and the additional requirements. To continuously improve efficiency within your supply chain, our local teams are trained to meet your individual wishes and demands.

Secured and centrally located warehouses

Your high value goods can be safely stored in our warehouses which are certificated and provided with strict security policies. The modern logistic centres are fully equipped with the latest tools and technology. Camera surveillance, sprinkler installations and access control secure your products that can easily be shipped to your customers due to the central locations nearby important routes, inland waterways and rail connections.

  • Secured and centrally located warehouses
  • Warehouses with medical requirements ISO 13485
  • Digital ordering with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Extensive additional services
Special requirements

Some companies have very specific demands regarding storage like constant temperature or humidity. Our warehouses are suitable for a wide range of products and in some warehouses we offer extra services. Amongst others, we offer our services to companies in automotive, high tech, solar panels and medical related devices.

Control your stock and Inventory Management

Both incoming and outgoing products are registered and controlled through barcodes. Our warehouses use a advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) equipped with Radio Frequency (RF) to support the activities such as scanning and reading these barcodes. Expect efficient administration and a total control of inbound and outbound processes.

Safety and efficiency solutions

According to the latest developments in product and employee safety, we involve our staff in improving continuously. Training and safety awareness projects contribute to the safety of your products. Every business has their own wishes and demands, certainly when it involves transport or logistics. These specific demands can be implemented in our processes. With online tools you have full insights in your stock, deliveries and shipments and other details of your products.



Erkan de Moree

Chief Operating Officer