6 12 2018

Start of MOL Logistics Exchange Program

Start of MOL Logistics Exchange Program

In order to expand our services for our customers, we think it is important that our staff throughout Europe gains knowledge within other MOL Logistics companies. That is why MOL Logistics Holding has set up an exchange program between Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Each country sends two colleagues to another country for a period of one week. During this week they will exchange knowledge, ideas and get to know each other better.

In what situations can the Exchange Program be helpful?

Perhaps one of our colleagues in Europe has a solution that you have been looking for for a long time. Or you can help your colleague with a solution developed by your country that they have not thought of. This way, we stimulate teamwork beyond borders that will certainly help our customers.

Our main goal

We hope to achieve that colleagues will find each other easier. Personal contact can contribute to this better than just contact by email or telephone. At the end of the year we evaluate the first steps in the Exchange Program. If these are positive, we will extend the program to other countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The following persons will participate in the exchange program at the end of 2018:

  • In the last week of November, the Netherlands will send Stein Verheggen and Twan Valckx to MOL Czech Republic.
  • The Czech Republic sends Mr. Martin Svoboda (Assistant Manager Warehouse) to the Netherlands to broaden his warehousing knowledge.
  • The Czech Republic sends Mr. Marek Benes (Sales Manager) or Mr. Jan Pavelka (Sales) to Germany to broaden their knowledge in the field of trucking.
  • Germany sends Yanek Giesers (Export Operations) and Erique Gutierrez Airfreight / Export Operations to our Air office in the Netherlands.

 We hope that all participants will have a fun and instructive week.


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