2 07 2018

Successful EMEA meeting in Czech Republic

In the summer period, it is time to look back on the first half and look forward to the last half of 2018. Where are we now and what is still to be done. Therefore MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) B.V. organized the Budget Meeting together with our President and Regional Director from Japan. This time, our branch in Pilsen (Czech Republic) received the Managing Directors and Sales representatives of our Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) branches. The countries Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Kenya, Middle East, Poland Czech Republic and Japan were present.

To get the best out of the day, we have split program in two main parts. During the first part, the Managing Directors were asked to answer 5 questions:

  • What do you need to reach to double your turnover and result the coming 5 years?
  • What business are you doing at this moment which is useful or other members of EMEA?
  • Where can we help each other?
  • Can you tell us your recent successes between EMEA offices?
  • Where do you see opportunities?

In the second part, all Sales representatives were asked: how do you sell the name MOL Logistics in the market? This resulted in an interesting discussion, where all attendants learned a lot from each other.

Later this day, our colleague Mr. Banaszek gave a presentation about setting up a new branch office in Poland. This presentation gave a good idea of ​​doing business in Poland and was well received. After that, the participants received a marketing plan for 2018, as we want to express ourselves in the same way.

Again we learned a lot of each other and we exchanged a lot information. This all in order to give our customers the best MOL Logistics experience throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. We are looking forward to the next meeting!

Joop van der Loo

General Manager , MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) BV

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