20 09 2022


The MOL Group developed a next-generation cradle to ensure a safe, efficient transport of steel coils inside containers:

  • Easy to assembly
  • No special equipment needed
  • Speedy cargo handling
  • Easily pushed in or out container or on-chassis handling.
  • Space saving storage
  • Reusable, environment-friendly
  • Highly resilient

Easy to assemble light weight kit

Compared to conventional wooden cradles, the MOL COILPORTER offers significant wight reduction. Anyone can assemble it quickly and safely, simplifying cargo handling operations and boosting efficiency. It saves time, ensures a stress-free, streamlined process, and saves space in storage for more efficient cargo inventory control.

No special equipment needed

The MOL COILPORTER requires no special equipment and can be assembled anywhere. And while the cargo is in the MOL COILPORTER, it can be quickly and easily pushed into or pulled out of a container. It works just as well for on-chassis handling.

Reusable, environment friendly

The MOL COILPORTER is made of an environment-friendly material that can not only be reused and recycled, but also safely incinerated. As part of the service, MLG collects, stores, and forwards the kits, at no cost to the customers.

Timely information service

This dedicated system manages MOL COILPORTER inventory, so we can respond swiftly to customer request. The system can also provide customers with timely updates on loading/unloading operations, transport, and the cargo’s current location.

High resilience protects coils

The MOL COILPORTER is made of EPERAN®. Developed by Kaneka Corporation. This innovative material’s high resiliency protects the cargo at every step of the way- overland transport, cargo handling operations at the terminal, and ocean transport – protecting the cargo from vibration. It also effectively distributes the load inside the container for a greater margin of safety. Furthermore, since the water content of EPERAN®is nearly zero, the MOL COILPORTER eliminates sweat damage to steel coils due to moisture seeping out of the material.

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The MOL Group developed a nesxt-generation cradle to ensure a safe, efficient transport of steel coils inside containers:
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Meet MOL Logistics Italy

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