Moths, cockroaches, beetles, mites and other vermin are the terror of every shipper. Without protective measures, loads in containers can become worthless. In addition, many countries prohibit the import of life forms that can threaten the ecosystem.

When to perform a gas measurment?

Containers that require  a customs control (phyco or physical control) are also checked for the presence of gas. In addition to this, we want to ensure the safety of your and our colleagues. That’s why we monitor all container flows from country of origin to product type and check for gases if legislation or safety requires.

Choosing the most efficient method

Measuring the gases in containers is unavoidable. To prevent delays before, during and after gasing we offer the most efficiënt methods.

Measurements on location

Depending on the content and the place of unloading the container, gas measurements can take place at various locations.