16 03 2020

Update Coronavirus

The Corona virus is causing worldwide challenges to transport and supply chain operations. At the same time, we are obligated to show our spirit and make sure that our society will still receive supplies.

Fortunately, all MOL Logistics offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa are still operational with only necessary staffing at the offices and several home office workers. Therefore, we can still support you with your logistics and transport. At the same time, we will do everything we can to keep the risk of infection as low as possible for everyone involved, while continuing to organize the transport of goods as quick and precisely as possible in this fast changing environment.

During the last couple of days, many countries introduced strict measures to avoid spread of the virus. We expect similar restrictions will be carried out in countries around the world shortly. In order to prevent any further spread, the following precautions are being followed by all of our MOL Logistics offices in EMEA region:

  • Where possible, a part of our staff is working from home during the coming period.
  • Hygiene standards have been significantly raised at all of our locations.
  • All business trips, travels and meetings are substituted by virtual meetings, or being postponed.
  • Employees are strictly instructed to stay home, if any sign of sickness appears.
  • No visitors are allowed, especially if they have any kind of Covid-19 symptoms.
  • We avoid manually exchange of transport documents by using digital solutions.
  • When and where possible, cargo is transferred to intermodal (rail), air or ocean freight to minimize human contact.

Our MOL Logistics offices monitor the situation very closely, and we will do our utmost to avoid any delays or disruptions in your daily business. Since we also depend on partners in transport and logistics, and measurements taken by local governments, we cannot always prevent shortages in equipment, unfortunate delays and rising market rates. We recommend that you stay informed by contacting your local MOL Logistics office.

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