10 05 2022

Use of CHIEF will end in the UK

The UK e-customs system is about to change: it will switch from CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) to CDS (Customs and Declaration Service).

In-house customs clearance

CHIEF has reached the end of his tenure after nearly 30 years. Started in August 2018, the transition period is due to end in March 2023.
Our BIFA qualified operations team has already begun training on the new system in order to be fully prepared when on Friday, 30th September 2022, it will be no longer possible to submit new declarations using CHIEF.

Customs broker

MOL Logistics UK is registered to use the badges of the main UK ports and airports and as a result, we can act as our own broker. This is of great benefit to their customers: first of all, it is time and cost effective because every customs declaration is handled “in house” but most importantly our customers can rely on them completely.

Customer oriented

Being fully AEO certified, you can be assured of compliance with all processes. MOL UK operations team will handle any shipment from start to finish, allowing customers to get updates along the way without being transferred from one operator to another.
MOL Logistics: your dedicated partner for accurate customs clearance!
For more information, please contact mlguk-sales@mol-logistics-group.com.

MOL Logistics worldwide

The global crises are disrupting capacity, delivery times and availability. Because MOL Logistics is part of a worldwide organization with an extensive logistics network, we are able to offer our customers the best possible options. On the other hand, our regional presence and independence guarantees the flexibility and personal attention for our customers and their individual needs.

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