24 09 2019

Warning about emails and scams that use the MOL Logistics name

Warning about emails and scams that use the MOL Logistics name

Fraudsters can present themselves as an existing company, in order to ultimately steal money from third parties. They delve into the structure of the company and use this information when they approach others. Recently there has been such an incident of hoax e-mails fraudulently using the MOL Logistics name. Therefore MOL Logistics is warning customers and relations to be aware.
Unsolicited emails and email scams
There are cases of unsolicited emails / email scams claiming to be from MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd. . These emails use the MOL Logistics logo, contact details and copyright to contact our relations about flights, bookings, etc. and contain links to what appears to be a MOL Logistics website. Relations are asked to enter their information in an attempt to fraudulently obtain the customer’s personal information or misuse our MOL Logistics name to order items or book flights / arrangements / reservations.

The scams involve an email purporting to be from (one of) our legitimate companies, using  www.mol-logistics.co.uk and contains the email source address @mol-logistics.co.uk. These email source addresses and url are not in use by our MOL Logistics office in UK (MOL Logistics (UK) Ltd.), so kindly be aware if you receive an email of this kind.

Major official MOL Logistics websites and email source addresses
If a suspicious email is received, MOL Logistics asks customers and relations to heed caution and to contact the involved office via below details. Kindly note these official websites and email source addresses are used by MOL Logistics in the EMEA region:


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.nl
Email source: @mol-logistics.nl


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.de
Email source: @mol-logistics.de


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.pl
Email source: @mol-logistics.pl


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.uk
Email source: @mol-logistics-group.com

Czech Republic

Web: https://www.mol-logistics.cz
Email source: @mol-logistics.cz


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.co.ke
Email source: @mol-logistics-group.com


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.it
Email source: @mol-logistics.it


Web: https://www.mol-logistics.holding-emea.com
Email source: @mol-logistics.holding-emea.com

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